Make sure the location is appropriate and change it if necessary. Remove the geocache container and any physical stages within 60 days after the cache page is archived. When you submit a cache page for review, add a. Need some thoughts and help. Letterlijk dan! GPS-enabled devices. Wherigo posted coordinates must be the same as the “Start at” coordinates on, or within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the final for Play anywhere and Reverse cartridges. Where can I find information about caches within the Preserves? Learn more about Letterbox Hybrids. Geocaching FAQ. An Event Cache page will receive the Mega-Event icon upon qualification. The only exception is if a property owner gives explicit permission to attach a cache to a tree with hardware (for example, with nails). With permission, geocachers may place caches in space, either on other planets or in spacecraft. This will be the go to place for charts, top lists, statbars, compares, achievements and map tools. The WGA organizes geocaching events, works with land owners/managers on geocaching policies, educates the public at large about geocaching, and facilitates communication between WGA members. A geocache must be in place and ready to be found before you, Vacation/holiday caches are usually not published because they are difficult, If you want your cache to be published on a specific date, please allow enough time for you and the reviewer to work through possible issues. Challenge caches are caches that require you to achieve geocaching related tasks ie: find a cache on at least 23 of the 61 islands in Washington state before logging a find on the challenge cache. An Event Cache is a gathering of geocachers, focusing on the social aspect of geocaching. Sign up for e-mail updates about CITO event cache pages must include a start and end time and last at least 1 hour. The posted coordinates are a stage of the Multi-Cache. In the case of public property, you must get permission from the agency or association that manages the land. Event hosts must first apply for Mega-Event status in advance. Visit the Learn section on Zo kan je ook min of meer de beste geocaches van Nederland …,,,,,,,,,,,, Why did I receive an email to “Update Billing Information”,, Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them. "Geocaching 101" on provides additional resources that will answer many of your questions. All aspects of your geocache and its placement are your responsibility, and you may be held liable for any resulting consequences. The logbook must be. By submitting a cache page, you agree that you have all necessary permissions from the landowner or land manager to hide your geocache at that location. As the cache owner, you are responsible for determining who to contact to get permission. Geocaching Rules. Caches can be logged online as "Found" after the geocacher has visited the coordinates and signed the logbook. If we receive complaints or become aware that a cache is in an inappropriate location, even if not prohibited by law, it may be disabled or archived. Op onze Geocaching blog hebben intussen al meer dan 200 gastbloggers geschreven over hun Geocaching reeks, geo-art, Geocaching in leuke steden en heel wat leuke tips om jouw Geocaching ervaring te verbeteren. A Webcam Cache can only be logged with an image taken directly from the associated webcam feed. Allowed downloads must adhere to all geocaching guidelines and include the following text above the link: To keep the online cache page up-to-date, the cache owner must, To keep the geocache in proper working order, the cache owner must. Agendas are often religious, political, social, or charitable, but aren't limited to these. The Wisconsin Geocaching Association (WGA) is a group of geocachers dedicated to promoting and protecting geocaching within the state of Wisconsin. Geocaching HQ may make exceptions to the commercial guidelines for GeoTours and trackable promotions. By Appointment, Fine Purveyors of Puzzle Cache solutions and Gratis Distribution since 2001. Reviewers will strive to accommodate reasonable requests. The geocache is on railroad property or right of way. A challenge cache is a variation of a Mystery Cache. Dezember 2020 Und 11 Uhr an der Pappel, wie immer an Silvester! Events cannot be held in or near transportation centers such as. The container must hold the logbook. Geocaching. Fill this form with your Geocaching account information. Die gelten weltweit und können nie den deutschen Gesetzen oder Ländervorschriften gerecht werden. For all geocache types with multiple stages, the additional physical or virtual stages must be added to the cache page as Additional Waypoints. Begin 2019 heeft Geocaching HQ besloten om deze lab-caches in de huidige vorm om te toveren naar ‘Adventure Labs’ en heeft daar zelfs een nieuwe app voor ontwikkeld (ontdek hier de Geocaching Adventure lab app). Geocaching HQ and community volunteers are not in any way responsible or liable for caches or their placement. The more variety of geocaches you find, the better you will understand how to create an enjoyable experience for other geocachers. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. When you submit a geocache page for review, a member of the global team of community volunteer reviewers (also known as reviewers) will check it against these guidelines. Challenges where (don't exist any longer) things that you did around places. Any Event Cache (including Mega-, Giga- and CITO Events) can be logged online if the geocacher has physically attended the event. Geocaching is a fun, family-friendly game, not a platform for promoting a cause. A Traditional Cache consists of at least a container with a logbook and is located at the posted coordinates. Geocaching HQ partners with the Geological Society of America (GSA) to oversee the EarthCache program. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. GPS usage is an essential element of hiding and seeking caches. These guidelines are subject to change. See more ideas about Geocaching, Challenges, Places to travel. Provide personal information to another website (excluding email address and username). Groundspeak Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Privacy Policy For publication, geocaches must follow these guidelines and any applicable Regional Geocaching Policies. The cache owner must visit the geocache location to get. Project-GC uses the Geocaching Live API for user authentication. 31. Following the geocaching guidelines is important to protect the game and the environment in which we play. Past publication of a similar geocache is not justification for publication of a new geocache. Geocachers must often solve a puzzle in advance to determine the next stage or the final coordinates. Get the official app. Examples include highway bridges, major roadways, dams, government buildings, schools, military installations, hospitals, airports and other areas defined in the. For at least part of the search, the cache must require finders to navigate with a GPS-enabled device to specific coordinates necessary to finding the cache. The cartridge must be hosted on and the cache description must include a link to the cartridge. Do not place caches in a location that requires or encourages geocachers to trespass or pass markers that prohibit access. County challenges are typically set … A Wherigo cache requires a Wherigo cartridge to find a cache container with a logbook. For privacy reasons, cache owners cannot require geocachers to post a photo that includes their face. Cache pages perceived to promote an agenda or highlight a cause will not be published. Read more about Virtual Caches and appropriate logging tasks. 20. Copyright © 2000–2020 Groundspeak, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The geocache is in an area that is sensitive to additional foot or vehicular traffic. An EarthCache consists of an earth science lesson that requires a visit to a unique geological feature. Do not place caches in a location that requires or encourages geocachers to damage, deface, or destroy public or private … Geocaching is a family friendly and outdoor friendly game. A CITO event to clean up after a geocaching event will not be published. Community volunteer reviewers are geocachers, like you, who volunteer their time to support the game of geocaching and the geocaching community. Multi-Caches, Mysteries, Wherigos, and Letterbox Hybrids can have hidden physical waypoints. Do not place caches in a location that requires or encourages geocachers to harm plant or animal life. Find a Geocaching 101 workshop in your area on our Events page. Réalité augmentée (AR) et géocaching (français), Fill this form with your Geocaching account information, An Event may be published up to six months in advance if an overnight stay is expected or if the event is designed to attract geocachers from beyond the local area. Mystery Caches can have many different designs. Some areas have additional regulations and laws that further restrict geocache placement. The information to solve the puzzle must be publicly available. Geocaching HQ may further restrict geocaches in areas where geocache saturation becomes a concern. Alle geocachingtools die een geocacher nodig heeft in één box: veel handige geocachingtools, links, html uitleg en meer. What are my options for geocaching within the Preserves? Letterbox Hybrids can be logged without using a stamp. Additional waypoints may be added to the Event Cache page for the locations of event activities. Groundspeak Terms of Use | As community volunteer reviewers become aware of geocache placement policies for a certain location, they may add them to the. It is organized by geocachers, for geocachers and those interested in learning the game. Privacy Policy, Learn more about the Geocache Planning Map, Do not harm plants, animals, or environment, See the Help Center for examples and exceptions, changes to your cache page or container after publication, Learn more about Lab Caches in the Help Center, Official guidelines and Mega-Event application, Official guidelines and Giga-Event application. Even if you are certain that geocaching is permitted on particular public property, make sure that you follow any requirements established by the landowner or land management agency before you place the cache. However, the existing geocache may have been placed prior to a guideline change, and may be a legacy cache type. A community volunteer may ask you to provide contact information of the person giving permission. You cannot submit new Virtual or Webcam Cache pages, but you can find those that remain active. If you wish to appeal the reviewer’s decision, Overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion, Suggests or requires the finder do any of the following, Competing games or cache listing services, Links or logos of agencies and organizations (including nonprofit organizations), unless needed for permission. Some cache types have additional restrictions when used for geo-art. Diesem Umstand wird aber mit dem Grundsatz “Alle örtlichen Gesetze gelten.” Rechnung getragen. Reviewer Notes are automatically removed when the cache is published, along with any photos attached to them. Geocachers gather information at virtual stages to help them find or complete the cache. Geocaching Adventure Lab caches. Geocache Wartung. Geocaching HQ staff or a community volunteer may temporarily disable or permanently archive the cache page if any of the following is reported. There are probably even some within walking distance of where you are right now. A County Challenge is a type ofChallenge Cache. Copyright © 2000-2020 Groundspeak, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ive been attempting to publish a 31 Days of Geocaching Challenge - The challenge is to find one cache on a day; two caches on another day; three caches on another day and so forth all the way up until you find caches on 31 … GAGB Geocache Hiding Guidelines. The stamp stays with the geocache. Dit is de geocache blog van geocachers voor geocachers. To avoid confusion or suspicion if your cache is found by a non-geocacher, follow these tips where possible: For all physical caches, there must be a logbook for geocachers to record their visit. Use of Geocaching HQ services is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All local laws and land management policies apply. Temporary caches intended to stay active for fewer than three months will not be published. Non-physical stages, including reference points, trailheads, parking coordinates, and virtual stages. Leave No Trace has seven basic principles and below you will find ways in which to help fulfil these principles when hiding or searching for a cache. Examples may include archaeological sites, historical sites, and cemeteries. See examples and exceptions in the Help Center. April 2021 Braunschweiger GC Stammtisch Party Virtual and Webcam Caches are legacy cache types. The official 2020 Jacksonville Geocaching Challenge Passport, which you will need to be able to print before setting off on your adventure, and an electronic brochure, which will also be printable, will be added to this webpage on Saturday, September 5, 2020. (This list is not comprehensive.)., I bought Premium, why does my GPS say I am Basic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The challenge requirements should be simple, and easy to explain, follow and document. Find additional guidance about hiding caches in our Help Center. The geocacher who owns the Event Cache page must attend the event in person. All Rights Reserved. Do not harm plant or animal life when you place your cache. Virtual Rewards - Lignes directrices, 2.22. If you currently own a Virtual or Webcam Cache, you must maintain the cache page and logs, respond to inquiries from geocachers, and check the physical location periodically. Augmented Reality (AR) und Geocaching (Deutsch), 2.24. The final stage consists of at least a container with a logbook. Visit the GSA website for the official EarthCache guidelines. Geocache containers and physical stages of different geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart. Read more about Webcam Caches. Don’t rely only on the Geocache Planning Map to choose a location. Geocache-Behälter müssen ein Logbuch oder einen Logstreifen enthalten. The community volunteer reviewer may offer suggestions if there are additional concerns not fully documented in these guidelines. Cache owners who do not maintain their existing caches in a timely manner may temporarily or permanently lose the right to list new caches on Cache pages perceived as commercial will not be published. Event hosts must apply for Mega-Event status in advance. Aug 9, 2019 - Pin a geocaching challenge (e.g., add a geocache or find a geocache). Gegenstände in Geocache-Behältern müssen familienfreundlich sein. You must not create a hole in the ground to place or find a geocache. Learn more about Lab Caches in the Help Center. A Multi-Cache includes at least one stage in addition to the physical final stage. The Sandhills Challenge was launched months prior to the remaining regions as a trial effort. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand guides for getting started and having fun with geocaching. Submit your Event Cache page for review 3 months - 2 weeks before the event date. Event cache owners are responsible for ensuring the number of people in attendance is in accordance with any local restrictions on gatherings. Virtual Rewards - Richtlinien (Deutsch), 2.10. Caches intended to move will not be published. Waypoints that belong to a single geocache can be closer to each other than 161 m / 528 ft. Don’t place physical waypoints that belong to your geocache too close to physical waypoints of a different geocache. This is often considered a harder challenge due to the amount of work involved, but is also seen as a badge of honor by some cachers. Do not place geocaches in restricted, prohibited, or otherwise inappropriate locations. For physical caches other than challenge caches, any additional logging requirement (ALR) beyond finding the cache and signing the log must be optional. Choose a transparent container to show that the contents are harmless. GAGB have general advice for you if you are placing caches in certain special locations - please follow this advice, whichever listing site you use. This refers to both the placement of the geocache and the journey required to reach it. Caches cannot require geocachers to contact the cache owner or anyone else. Submit events as one single event if your event has one of the following. Geef toe: Geocaching laat het kind in ieder van ons los . Learn more about Mystery Caches. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy As always, this service is free of charge. Challenge caches require a geocacher to complete a reasonably attainable geocaching-related task before being able to log the find. A Lab Cache is an experimental geocache type. Do not place any of the following items in caches: There are no precedents for placing geocaches. Official guidelines and Giga-Event application. If you visit a cache sign the log (both the one in the cache and its online one as well). Copyright © 2000-2020 Groundspeak, Inc. DBA Geocaching. De Asser Grid: een matrix 81 Geocaching challenge. Geocaching Guidelines Geocaching Ireland promote the principles of Leave No Trace as a best practice for those wishing to hide and seek geocaches. Augmented Reality (AR) and geocaching, 2.23. Do not damage, deface, or destroy public or private property, especially archaeological or historical sites, when you place your cache. Place your geocache or physical waypoints (WP) at least 161 m / 528 ft from physical waypoints of other geocaches. How do I download geocaches to my GPS device? Print at home or professionally front/back. 2.9. März 2021 Glück Auf 2021; 24. Geocaching is a family-friendly game. See the, The geocache is problematic due to its proximity to a public structure. Learn more. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. A Mega-Event Cache is a geocaching event that is attended by 500+ people. Together, we review and adapt the guidelines as the world changes and the game evolves. Het is ook een leuk tijdverdrijf om met kinderen te doen, je kan zelfs leuke verjaardagsfeestjes organiseren voor je kinderen met Geocaching. Some examples of CITO-appropriate activities: We encourage geocachers to partner with organizations who have experience hosting these types of cleanup efforts. Events must comply with health and safety guidelines, as well as all local laws. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, just waiting for you to find them. ie: kiss a frog. Official guidelines and Mega-Event application. In some areas, geocaching activity may need to cease for portions of the year due to sensitivity of some species. Mega/Giga Events in Deutschland. Do not damage, deface, or destroy public or private property, especially archaeological or historical sites, when you place your cache. Over het volledige land liggen momenteel goed 36.000 geocaches verborgen, met voorprong is de geocache van “Kluis tot Kookhuis” de populairste cache in Nederland, afgaande op de favorieten punten die Geocaching premium members kunnen geven. If you have permission to place a geocache on private property, indicate this on the cache page for the benefit of the reviewer and those seeking the cache. Challenge criteria must be positive and require that a geocaching goal be achieved. Dangerous material, such as explosives, ammunition, lighters, knives, drugs, or alcohol, Items that can melt, such as crayons or lip balm, Items that can expand in the cold, such as liquids. At each stage, the geocacher gathers information that leads them to the next stage or to the final container. Download guidelines for hiding a geocache on a TPWD property. Maar sommige caches zijn niet gemaakt om met kinderen te doen (denk bijvoorbeeld aan die ingewikkelde veldpuzzels). Event Cache attendees are not required to sign a logbook. Cannot be set up for the sole purpose of finding geocaches, Cannot be added to an existing non-geocaching event, such as meet-ups at concerts, fairs, sporting events, and scouting events, Can require attendees to register at a separate registration page, The business name, if the Event is at a commercial location, A list of sponsors, without logos or website links, Requests for donations, or entrance fees to cover legitimate costs of organizing the event, Limited mentions of sales of items trackable at, but no other products, Events that are near the same time or location. EarthCaches and Virtual Caches as they do not have physical waypoints. Reviewer Notes appear as logs on the unpublished cache page and are emailed to the address in your account. A cache cannot require the finder to dig to reach the cache. EarthCaches do not have containers or logbooks. A cache page that requires one or more of the following will generally not be published: See the Help Center for examples and exceptions. Ook in Nederland is Geocaching immens populair. Also, cache pages cannot require or encourage players to place more caches. Why can’t I send geocaches to my GPS anymore? Die Ownerin/der Owner sollte des Geocache-Versteck regelmäßig selbst aufsuchen. The final stage consists of at least a container with a logbook. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt. Learn more about Multi-Caches. Criteria may not be for a negative achievement such as DNF logs. A physical stage is a waypoint where the cache owner has placed an item, such as a container or a tag. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot.". Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. The ideal container is waterproof. Cache contents must be suitable for all ages and suitable for the outdoors. Rules about the distance between the final coordinates and the posted coordinates are defined by the underlying cache type: Traditional, Mystery, or Multi-Cache. In this case, you must provide the explicit permission to the reviewer and state it on the cache page. Allereerst zijn er natuurlijk de gebruikelijke redenen, zoals de wens om op mooie plaatsen te komen die je zelf niet kunt bedenken, liefde voor de natuur, voor wandelen, de wens verrast te worden door de legger, een leuke veldpuzzel, glimlachopwekkende waypoints, een spannend avontuur, de wetenschap deel te nemen aan een ‘stiekem genootschap’. All Rights Reserved. A physical stage is any object placed by the cache owner, such as a container or a tag. Physical stages within the same Multi- or Mystery cache. will publish the cache pages on Saturday, September 5, 2020. The GPS GeoCache Challenge can be set up as a “friendly competition,” or as a themed event, at a school, conference room, or park in your area. With these guidelines we aim to balance the needs and rights of the geocaching community, land managers, and the environment to ensure that geocaching can be enjoyed for years to come. As a participant in the debate, I believe Geocaching HQ's statement that this issue may be revisited in the future. See current pins. For most Mystery caches, the posted coordinates are not the actual cache location. A Virtual Cache can only be logged online if the geocacher has visited the cache location and completed the logging tasks. Letterbox-style clues may be used to guide cachers to the container. Our support team will reply as soon as possible.,,,,,,,,, I found a geocache that needs maintenance,, Required Information for Appeal Submission,,,, GeoTours: A blend of tourism and adventure,, Promotions: Tangible, digital, measurable,,, Copyright/Trademark infringement inquiries,,,,,,,,,,, Blocking other geocachers from your profile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In contrast to classic Letterboxing, a Letterbox Hybrid requires GPS usage for at least part of the search. ... Geocache listing websites have their own guidelines for acceptable geocache publications. 1 Description 2 Rules 3 Purpose 4 Tracking 5 Sample progress map 6 Examples A county challenge requires a geocacher to find one geocache for each county of a particular state. The only exception is if a property owner gives explicit permission to create a hole to place the cache, which you must provide to the reviewer and state on the cache page. Project-GC is a site with the goal to provide statistics and tools for all the geocachers in the world. A Letterbox Hybrid consists of at least a container with a logbook and a stamp. Cache page contents, including description and name, must be suitable for all ages. You and your reviewer should communicate by posting Reviewer Notes. An Event Cache must meet the commercial cache guidelines, with the exception that Event Cache pages can include. A virtual stage is a waypoint where the cache owner has not placed an item. The decision not to do that at this time was debated long and hard. FocusU brings to you this increasingly popular sport, integrating it with innovative corporate team building adventures to fuel team spirit and achieve corporate excellence. This graphic shows examples of minimum geocache distance. A long list of rules or restrictions may prevent publication. See the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki for details in your region. Look for online resources like message boards, community geocache associations and Facebook groups. Due to the rotational and recreational nature of this timed event, highly motivated, independent groups who work well together will gain the most benefit from the GPS GeoCache Challenge . Geocaching Brochure. "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using a GPS-enabled device and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

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